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How To Start Your Food Storage


How to start your food storage.

It can feel quite overwhelming to look at how much food your family will need in emergencies. Start small, take baby steps. Don’t go all out trying to buy a year’s supply of food all at once.  Don’t go into debt either, don’t put your food storage on credit!

The first place to start is with your 72 hour emergency kits. You need one 72 hour kit per family member.

How to start your Food Storage

After you have your 72 hour kits put together you can start with a one month of food storage and build from there.

The other way that we add to our food storage is by making a list of the absolute essentials. When those go on sale we stock up and try to get a one year supply. You can also make a goal each month of setting aside a certain amount of money to use just for food storage items.

Let’s use the example of salt. All food storage pantries need salt. You can use salt not just for cooking but also for cleaning and certain first aid treatments. Calculate out how much salt you will need for your family taking into consideration all the uses for salt.  Perhaps your budget for food storage is $50 per month. $50 will buy a lot of salt if you wait for it to be on sale and stock up on the sale prices.


About the Author Katerina Gasset

Katerina Gasset is a mother of 9 children and 6 grandchildren. Her youngest son is 13 years old now. Katerina has been doing food storage for over 30 years. Her son is also passionate about survival strategies and surviving in the wilderness. As a family they work together in learning and doing water storage and filtering, food storage and homesteading. Join us in our journey as we share with you what we are doing.

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