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How to Purify Dirty Water To Make it Drinkable


How to purify dirty water to make it drinkable.

There are a lot of systems out on the survival market which will treat the water when you must make sure it is safe for your family to drink.

We suggest that you use several of the products and several of the systems to make sure you have all possibilities covered.

Survival Water Purification

About the Author Katerina Gasset

Katerina Gasset is a mother of 9 children and 6 grandchildren. Her youngest son is 13 years old now. Katerina has been doing food storage for over 30 years. Her son is also passionate about survival strategies and surviving in the wilderness. As a family they work together in learning and doing water storage and filtering, food storage and homesteading. Join us in our journey as we share with you what we are doing.

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