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Flint Michigan Water Contamination and How It Can Affect You

Flint Michigan Water is in a huge crisis. This is city water. What else are they not telling us about our water supply? Does this happen in other places besides Flint Michigan? Of course it does. But most of the time it is not spread all over the media and social networks.

What happened in Flint can happen anywhere.

The water in many urban cities is built with pipes and systems dating back to WWI. Think on that for a few minutes. Think about how old that makes so many systems, especially if you live in a city or town that is older.

We happen to live in a city that did not get started until the 1980’s so old pipes and such is not really an issue here, but other things are.

People are shipping in bottled water to people who live in Flint because they can not even drink the water.

The water contains lead. We know how toxic lead is. Contaminated water is available in a lot of towns besides just Flint.

The government knew about it and even the state workers were drinking bottled water and not giving it to the people living in the city.

What are the town, city, state and federal governments keeping from the rest of us?

When was the last time you checked your water with a testing kit to make sure it is safe to drink?

Checking our water should be at least a quarterly home safety task to put on our lists to do.

We started looking at our water storage plan and needless to say, it is in strong need of re-evaluating. We have food storage but even a lot of our food is dehydrated so it will need water in order to create meals with it.

This year one of my goals is to get better with coming up with water plans.

I will buy the 55 gallon drum water storage system and get a rain barrel too. I am going to stock up on other water systems and filters, etc.

We will also complete our all natural water filtering system that we can keep at home and create from things we have around the house.

I think this whole Flint water crisis really is a wake up call to get our water supply in order and also to be prepared to be able to clean and filter the water outside in case that is all we have to drink!

About the Author Katerina Gasset

Katerina Gasset is a mother of 9 children and 6 grandchildren. Her youngest son is 13 years old now. Katerina has been doing food storage for over 30 years. Her son is also passionate about survival strategies and surviving in the wilderness. As a family they work together in learning and doing water storage and filtering, food storage and homesteading. Join us in our journey as we share with you what we are doing.

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