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We are about being prepared for the future and for security 

Keep your family safe and prepared. Survival skills, supplies and systems to homesteading, gardening and food storage... be a part of our story... whether it is a natural disaster such as a hurricane or floods or the trial of suddenly becoming unemployed... take the steps today to keep your family safe and fed.

We offer you information, instructions and products related to food storage, homesteading, water and energy. 

Stephanie Anson ~ Survival Strategist ~            ~ Homesteading Consultant ~

Katerina Gasset ~ Survival Strategist ~    ~Homesteading Consultant~

Stephanie loves to research and apply all that she learns to benefit her family, her neighbors and those within her community and beyond.  She teaches water filtration, cleaning your water and homesteading techniques that are tried and work. 

Stephanie Anson grew up farming with her grandparents where food preservation was an important aspect of her life. This included canning and other food storage techniques. Her enthusiasm continues today with her husband in wilderness survival, homesteading and colonial food preservation methods. Her foundation comes from past military experience along with her husband’s work in the field of biology. Stephanie has 3 children, her eldest in college and her youngest just over a year old. Enjoy the adventure with us!

Food storage is so important and we all store food for different reasons. However, Stephanie believes that we need to be prepared for any disaster that comes our way which includes sudden unemployment and injuries that may prevent you from being able to earn a living. In times of trials and economic hardship having a supply of food on hand will see you and your family through what otherwise may seem like your darkest hours. 

Our blog is content rich with actual demonstrations and guidance to help you make the best decisions for you and your family. 

Katerina started learning about and applying home food storage principles in her family when she was only 19 years old. She came up with a plan that whenever she would go to a grocery store she would stock up on sale items that the family used. 

Katerina Gasset is a mother of 9 children and 6 grandchildren. Her youngest son is 13 years old now. Katerina has been doing food storage for over 30 years. Her son is also passionate about survival strategies and surviving in the wilderness. As a family they work together in learning and doing water storage and filtering, food storage and homesteading. Join us in our journey as we share with you what we are doing.

Katerina has taught grain milling, baking your own bread at home, gardening, food storage on a budget, dehydrating fruits, using the foods in food storage for day to day meals and preparing 72 hour emergency kits. 

At one point Katerina had 5 children all under the age of 10. During this time the family went camping often, learning to fish and prepare food in dutch ovens and over campfires and hot rocks.  As the kids grew older, they became very interested in survival skills and learned wilderness survival skills while on extended camping trips. 

Families who are prepared, need not fear. Being prepared not just in your temporal needs like physical food but also making sure you your family's spiritual needs are met as well. 

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